How to Wear Sequins in a Casual Way.

The Holidays are Over… It’s No Reason To Put the Glitter Away!

Don’t store your sequins and glittery clothes when the Holidays are over. It’s possible… and fun to mix them up with more casual pieces to create new outfits.

I’ve always loved sequined dresses and sparkly tops! I still remember a dress I saw in the Christmas edition of the Sears catalogue. It must have been in the early ’80s. The dress was all sequins, black with an argyle pattern. It was stunning! How I wished I was an adult and could order that for myself.

Of course, I never had the chance to wear this incredible dress. I still managed to gather quite a few pieces with sequins, beadwork and sparkle over the years.

I like to get the most use out of my clothes so I came up with ideas to wear these dressier pieces more informally. Here are a few suggestions…

Dressy pieces that you can wear more often.

The Sequin Top

It was such a glamorous look! Your sequined top with a leather pencil skirt, fine stockings and strass sandals. That was striking for New Year’s eve… It might be a bit over the top for the office thought.

The same top worn with jeans and a simple black jacket will create a more relaxed outfit. A plain cardigan and a scarf can also do the trick.

You could also go monochrome. Wear a black sparkly cami over a button-down shirt or a fitted sweater with classic black trousers.

For an even more informal look, you can even throw a jean jacket on!

The Sparkly Dress

A midi dress with beadwork or sequins will always be a bit dressier than most everyday looks. Yet, pairing it with different pieces can add versatility to a very chic dress.

For example, wear it with opaque tights or leggings and an oversized knit cardigan. As a side note, tights and cardigans are also great to extend your summer clothes through fall.

I should have put black tights on the mannequin for these looks!! Those white legs are contrasting, aren’t they!?

Ballet flats or suede booties would be my footwear of choice to complete the outfit.

The jean jacket can be a good choice here as well. And why not try a chambray shirtdress? It could be worn open or with a few buttons fastened, letting the sparkles peak at the hem and neckline.

The Satin Skirt

Same principle here, choose opaque or patterned tighs instead of nylon stockings. Add a plain turtleneck and minimalist jewelry.

Also, you can match it with a white shirt under a sweater vest or a solid jersey wrap top.

Classic tall boots would be the ideal shoe for this outfit. They would make a sleek look, suitable for any occasion.

The Velvet Jacket

I love a tailored jacket with faded jeans! It’s such a classy look, yet easy-going at the same time.

Most dressy jackets will look great with jeans. Try them all, panné velvet or with intricate embroideries, beads or sequins.

Keep in mind that the shirt or top you wear under the jacket must be simple and modest.

Combat boots would be a good option here. Any flats would also do the trick, or tall boots if you can tuck your jeans in them.

Dare to wear sparkles in everyday life!

In essence, the key is to pair your dressy pieces with more casual clothing and accessories. Simple as that!

I illustrated the idea with specific examples but, of course, they can be mixed and matched. I made lists of accessories that have a more formal or informal look. May it inspire you to try styling your sparkly pieces in a new way.

And, of course, it works the other way around too! Use your formal accessories to add a fancy touch to your casual wear.

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