Infinity Scarves Are More Than A Simple Circle: Multiple Ways To Wear Them.

What is an Infinity Scarf?

This is the definition of infinity scarf from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

a scarf that has the form of a loop without ends and that is typically worn around the neck.

Simple, right? They are so easy to wear. You just put it around your neck and that’s it. No complicated or bulky knots, no fringe to get caught up in your zipper. Simplicity at its finest. Which is great! But there’s more you can do with them…

All circular scarves are not equal, though. They can be short or long enough to wrap around the neck twice. They can be thin and lightweight and compete with necklaces or can be very chunky to keep you warm in the wintertime. They can also be stretchy, or not. All these characteristics will dictate what you can do with them, of course, but most of them are more versatile than you might think.

Let’s have a look at various types of loop scarves and a few options to sport each of them…

The Short Jersey “Snood”

I could quote the dictionary again to say that a snood is not actually a scarf. Officially, it’s a net to hold long hair loosely at the back of the head. The word is still commonly used to refer to an infinity scarf, especially short ones. Even in French.

It’s a very basic accessory. Just a circle of fabric, sometimes twisted, that you put around your neck. It can add a little warmth, make your outfit a little dressier… But what else?

Showcase A Brooch.
A nice vintage moonstone brooch adds sophistication to a casual heathered gray jersey scarf.

Some will think brooches are of another era. Well, I beg to differ. Whatever your age, you can use your scarf to display an amazing piece of jewelry. You just have to find one that suits your style. The rock chick in you may fancy a silver skull pin while your more classic friend will choose an heirloom moonstone broach she got from her grandma. Nearly all scarf styles will work for this, not only the short ones.

Use It Like a Belt

The scarf needs to have a bit of stretch for this one. If you have one in jersey, try to wear it as a belt! Just jump in it and take it up to your waist. Depending on the length of the scarf, its extensibility and recovery factor and the size of your waist and hips, results may vary. It’s definitely worth a try, though. This can give a totally new look to your dresses or fitted knit tops.

A short jersey infinity scarf can be worn as a belt depending on your hip and waist size vs. the size and stretchiness of the fabric. It can be twisted, or not.

The Long Lightweight Infinity Scarf

This one is full of possibilities! The term  “long ” here means that the scarf can be wrapped twice around your neck with a bit of ease.

Knot It Up

There’s no need to tie an infinity scarf but you still can. For a classic look, simply put your long scarf around your neck and make a knot in front. Perfectly polished look instantly!

You can also fold your scarf and use it as a small neckerchief. To do so, use both ends and tie a knot close to your neck. Alternatively, pass one end through the other. (See picture below)

Wrap the scarf (folded in length) around the back of your neck and slip one end through the other.
Add Bling With a Ring

Scarf rings are typically used with silk squares or other square or rectangle scarves. However, if your infinity scarf is made of chiffon or any other lightweight fabric, it will totally work with rings.

The twist and wrap

A cute variation of the wrap around twice. Put the scarf around your neck, take one side in each of your hands and cross them in front of you in order to make an x. Do the same again and you’ll get a nice twist. You then just need to put the loop this created over your head and pull a little on the sides of the twist to make it even.

Here’s a video so you can see how to wrap twice vs. wrap once, twist and wrap again.

Two is Even Better Than One!

Unsure which one to choose today as you have two favourites scarves for your outfit? If they match, either in colour or pattern, wear both at the same time!

Two scarves with the same pattern in different colours can have a striking effect when worn together.
Why Not on the Wrist?

If you lived in the ’80s in Canada, you must remember Au Coton, a chain of clothing shops that achieved the pinnacle of layering and accessorizing with their amazing styling! They had all kinds of scarves that you could wear, not only around your neck but around your head, your thigh, your ankle, your wrist (anywhere you could tie it really)! Why not challenge your inner teenage rebel of the ’80s (whether you were there or not) and wrap your fancy infinity around your wrist? I just tried to be silly… but I quite like it actually.

The Large One

With a wide and long infinity scarf, you have options! After all, they are sometimes referred to as convertible scarves.

A Shawl

Wear it as a shawl, just drape it on your shoulders. If your scarf has a twist in it, you can play with the placement to have different looks. If your scarf doesn’t, it’s possible to make a twist in it to get a nice criss-cross effect on your shawl. As with a regular shawl, you’ll probably have to replace it on your shoulders once in a while wearing it.

The Brooch Again

As stated earlier, a brooch will work with many types of scarves and the large infinity worn as a shawl is a great option to try a nice pin. It can help to keep your scarf in place when draped or twisted around your shoulders, just anchor it to your top or jacket.

The jewel will shine as the focal point of your outfit! Just pin it on your scarf after wrapping it simply around your neck.

A brooch can help your “shawl” to stay in place.
Let your brooch be the highlight of your look.
A Hood

Forgot your toque? Use your scarf! Oversized scarves are so cozy for fall. They can add warmth when they’re wrapped twice around your neck. They can also serve as a hat if you take one of the layers, up from the back, and lay it on your head. If you want it to be tighter on your head, start by laying the scarf on top of your head, then cross it at the front and put the loop over your head and to the back of your neck. You can then readjust as needed.

I hope this article inspired you to try wearing your infinity in different ways. If you have other suggestions on how to sport circular scarves, please share them in the comments. I always like to see styling ideas I never thought of.

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